Thursday, April 17, 2008

Something about me !!!!
My parents named me B.S.Suran. B stands for Bahulayan Kunjupillai- my dad's name and S for my mom's name Swarnalatha. The naming itself was very unique ...very against the normal conventions of keeping a caste or family name. Perhaps, it was the first case where i have a come across a combination of parental names. Suran - the given name has it origins from the Sanskrit which means GOD. It was perhaps the opposite of ASURA ( demon) , which people are more conversant with in this great era. I have now roamed the earth for half a century. I have a whole lot of experience in varied things , which people normally don't ask for.
I took a PhD in agriculture and then subsequently passed the Certified Associate of the Indian Institute of bankers (1). Had a unique experience of being trained at the Centre for Rural Development and Training, University of Wolverhampton, U.K on subjects covering Organizational Development, Research Methods and Consultancy. I have now more than two decades of experience in the Apex Development financial institution -National Bank for Agriculture and Rural Development (NABARD) with copious and rich experiences on various facets of rural credit, organisational development and rural projects. My current responsibilities include institutional development of co-operative institutions and rural banking institutions, assessing competency and capacity building needs of different stakeholders, facilitating institutional development plans, including turn-around strategies. Having served as a Faculty at a training establishment for 8 years, i do have experience in mapping capacity gaps and training needs and actual conduct of Organisational development interventions.
My interfaces and experiences with microFinance since 1998 has been the most thrilling part of my career. Having served about 6 years in the micro Credit Innovations Department of NABARD , i do possess some knowledge and experience in microFinance, including designing microFinance products and financial services delivery systems. Have assisted and facilitated negotiations with international development agencies like the World Bank, IFAD, GTZ, KfW, maintained liaison with GTZ and KfW for two projects on mF that were supported by these multilateral agencies. I have provided two international consultancy assignments for GTZ, Germany and also a Commercial agriculture project for ADB, Manila. Having worked in APRACA Secretariat, i do possesses strong strategizing and networking capabilities.
I am presently on a sabbatical doing research in microFinance at the Centre for Development Studies, Trivandrum, Kerala

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Works at NABARD for poor HH / was Research Affiliate at CDS, Tvm / was Visiting Faculty on microFinance for MBA students NMIMS, Mumbai.