Friday, June 28, 2013

the most adorable Prof, that i have ever met !

Prof Claudio Gonzalez Vega...what a pleasure to meet and interact !  

My workouts have started !

Bulging waistlines, aching legs, receding hairline, soaring lipid profile, re-positioning discomforts, double/triple chins, dropping eyesight et al accompany me!
 So I have seriously started eating only 4 times a day, sitting only 6 hrs in the chair, watching only 4 hours of TV and exercising once a week .........

God bless ….all should recede, shrink and improve …. Keeping legs crossed !!

Works at NABARD for poor HH / was Research Affiliate at CDS, Tvm / was Visiting Faculty on microFinance for MBA students NMIMS, Mumbai.