Saturday, December 12, 2009

Clean Technology or low carbon venture !!

whatever we call it !! the Goal is known .....catalyze a low carbon environment, if we have to survive and leave it (better) for the next progeny. There is no selfish intent, its all about co-existing in the planet peacefully.

Here is one initiative : Mootral
livestock is said to account for more than 20% of all carbon emissions, and nothing is done about it !! Mootral is a new feed additive for ruminants, biotechnologically extracted from garlic, that helps animals reduce their methane emissions.

Second : Kyoto Box is a cheap, solar-powered cardboard cooker
Meant for use in rural Africa ( with possibility of expansion to other regions), estimated to prevent two tonnes of carbon dioxide emissions per family per year !!

The Rs 200 costing cooker uses the solar rays effectively to boil and bake. It consists of two cardboard boxes, one inside the other, with an acrylic cover that lets the sun’s power in and stops it escaping and doubles as a ‘hob top’. A layer of straw or newspaper between the boxes provides insulation, while black paint on the interior and the foil on the exterior concentrate the heat still further.

The design is so simple that the Kyoto Box can be produced in existing cardboard factories. It has just gone into production in a Nairobi factory that can produce 2.5 million boxes a month. A more durable model is being made from recycled plastic.

This fuel-less stove aims to address health problems in rural villages as well as avoiding carbon dioxide emissions: it provides a source of clean boiled water, cuts down on indoor smoke inhalation and reduces the need to gather firewood.
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